Card flash drive applications

Business - business card flash drive:

Enhance the corporate image on the various exhibitions, product launches and other internal company profile information.

Seminar - Usb Card:

Various types of conferences available to the lecturer or participant the best gifts.

Digital-mycard-card dish:

Local leaders, professors, creative workers, Show the characteristics of a good medium.

Landscape, Museum of Fine Arts - Usb Card:

The scenic, galleries of photographs, Photos into flash, the good memories, but also recommend to friends and relatives

Gifts - card flash drive:

Shareholders will be gifts, construction company gifts, tour groups .... printed on the identification card to the company Logo advertising effect.

Wedding gifts - business card discs:

So warm, sweet love eternal and retain new witness, extending the blessings of family and friends.
Custom wedding gifts, birthday gifts customized graduation gifts customized.