Card Flash Drive

Card Flash Drive + Calculator + Image

Contains the calculator flash drive card ,Card size body carrying is not easy to lose,On the back can be custom images , Custom merchandise for corporate gifts and illustrator Art museum。

When consumers get this card flash drive gift,Sometimes only want to flash drives and cards discarded.,But this contains the calculator function of the flash drive card,The user will naturally continue to use, but also enhance the company image to extend the longer advertising effectiveness.

8-bit solar calculator does not require batteries, the thickness of only 3mm, according to customer needs can also buy the built-in access card coil, when access to the access control identification card.

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capacities: 4G . 8G . 16G . 32G
dimensions: ( H ) 8.6 X ( W ) 5.4 cm Thickness is only 0.3cm
Material Solar 8-bit calculator,ABS plastic
Memory (Samsung, Hynix, Hyundai, Micron, Toshiba) with shockproof waterproof
Advertising (Can set the file can not be deleted permanently ads)PDF presentations, animations and video clips ...
Delivery Made in Taiwan (2 weeks delivery )
Quantity Minimum order of 100

Card flash drive applications

Business - business card flash drive:

Enhance the corporate image on the various exhibitions, product launches and other internal company profile information.

Seminar - Usb Card:

Various types of conferences available to the lecturer or participant the best gifts.

Digital-mycard-card dish:

Local leaders, professors, creative workers, Show the characteristics of a good medium.

Landscape, Museum of Fine Arts - Usb Card:

The scenic, galleries of photographs, Photos into flash, the good memories, but also recommend to friends and relatives

Gifts - card flash drive:

Shareholders will be gifts, construction company gifts, tour groups .... printed on the identification card to the company Logo advertising effect.

Wedding gifts - business card discs:

So warm, sweet love eternal and retain new witness, extending the blessings of family and friends.
Custom wedding gifts, birthday gifts customized graduation gifts customized.

usb card Card Flash Drive + Calculator
Card Flash Drive + Calculator Card Flash Drive + Calculator Card Flash Drive + Calculator

usb card-patent Taiwan Patent Case No.: 100202100
China Patent Case No.: 201120055201.3